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Feature Film in association with United Agents.

Written and Directed by Conor McDermottroe

Diverted is the comic, fact-meets-fiction tale of what happened…or might have happened… when a plane carrying Che Guevara is diverted by chance to Ireland in 1965.

The face of the Cuban Revolution is being targeted by the CIA and so America’s Public Enemy Number 1 goes on the run deep into the Irish countryside accompanied by a young local journalist as his guide, trying to get the scoop of her life. With the police, the CIA, the IRA and the world’s press in pursuit, chaos follows their every move. Che is transformed by his Irish adventure, and a very different side to the world’s most infamous guerrilla emerges. When he returns to Havana he is a changed man, ready to quit his place in the Cuban Communist regime.

Josephine Baker & The Rainbow Tribe

Documentary Feature Film

Directed by Leslie Asako Gladsjo.

This remarkable family story is told, exclusively for the first time ever, by the Rainbow Tribe themselves.

Josephine Baker was the 1st female African American superstar. In the 1950s she set out to start a new kind of family; a unique social experiment that, as the US Civil Rights movement gathered pace, would ‘prove’ the obsolescence of racism. She adopted a dozen children of diverse origins from around the world and raised them as siblings in a fairy-tale French chateau. Josephine’s ‘Rainbow Tribe’ relaunched her performing career, offering the world an ideal of racial harmony and brotherhood… for a time at least. But as every parent learns, raising children rarely turns out quite as planned! 

Future Days

Drama Series

Co-produced with The Mediapro Studio
Created and written by Richard Curson Smith, original developement with JG Ballard.

When we go on a vacation package do we really know where we’re going? Do we care as long as there’s enough sun, sea and sex to hold us in that pleasurable haze of unreality? We all wish our vacation-time could be extended, but what would happen if we never came home?

A few years into the future, cheap vacation offers become the way that pre-selected sections of the European population are trapped into a programme of mass resettlement. Overheating Mediterranean resort islands are transformed into ‘leisure’ internment camps; dumping grounds for people now considered expendable burdens on their nations’ economies. Future Days follows the fortunes of those caught up in the first wave of resettlement, unaware of their Fate. Its focused on one resort community and its struggle against external threats and dangers from within as civilisation on the island begins to break down.


Future Days is an original series conceived from a story by JG Ballard and developed into a drama format, initially with Ballard himself. There has never been a Ballard TV series, but our world of migrant internment and deportation is catching up with his prescient vision.


Urban Myths: F for Fakenham

Starring Robbie Coltrane, Saoirse-Monica Jackson & Craig Ferguson

Executive Produced by Lucy Lumsden, Jim Reeve & Robbie Coltrane
Produced by Jeremy Campbell

Written by Matthew Broughton 
Produced & Directed by Richard Curson Smith

An episode in the International Emmy Award nominated comedy drama series, Urban Myths. Available on NOW TV and aired 28th October on Sky Arts (now free to air) at 10pm 

BAFTA-winning Robbie Coltrane OBE stars as Orson Welles, who in 1972 was working on ‘F for Fake’, a faux documentary now regarded as his last masterpiece. But ‘F for Fake’ has run out of funds, and Orson is skint. However, opportunity comes from the most unlikely of places... in East Anglia! Orson accepts work at a regional television station in Norfolk where he encounters the ambitious local news woman played by Saoirse Monica Jackson, and then swiftly goes missing. The story combines a real-life, little-known episode in the extraordinary life of Orson Welles, with a dash of truly-appropriate fancy.


Ballet Unplugged. Lionheart